"Sticker of the Week": Danza Did It

Danza Did It has been crowned our "Sticker of the Week" this week!

Every year Tony Danza makes a vow to master a new craft.  Danza Did It! (DDI) is an interdisciplinary art work that curiously celebrates the many talents of Tony Danza.  The goal is to create a world that satirically, seriously, and artfully promotes the pursuits of the "every man" and encourages creativity...  all in the name of Tony Danza.  

Through original writing, art, and varying forms of artistic expression, we are setting out to see just how far we can push a seemingly inane concept (a Tony Danza meme), and use Danza as a vehicle to progress positive change.  Ultimately, we would like to create a phenomenon that escapes online virality and trickles gradually into the mainstream. 

Some of these artistic expressions are distributed in the form of stickers - and that's where we come in! Danza Did It had these custom vinyl stickers printed with us to help spread the word.

Lou, from Danza Did It told us, "The quality of stickers I received via your website are among some of the best items I've ever had printed.  I was extremely happy with the final product and will absolutely be ordering with you again. Thank you."

We think Danza Did It could make for a good meme. What do you think? Comment below and check out the Danza Did It website.




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