Create brand awareness with customized stickers

Stickers worked for, and they should be part of your next marketing campaign, too! Read more about the amazing return on investment when you include affordable custom stickers in your advertising strategy.

Create brand awareness with customized stickers

How can custom stickers make your brand go viral?  Well, think of it like this: the more often someone sees a unique sticker plastered around their community, the more likely they will want to investigate what that sticker is all about. 

Stickers are a proven advertising method. Just ask reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In his book, Make Something People Love: Lesson from a Startup Guy, Ohanian reveals: “Yes, stickers [were] the soundest investment I ever made.” Plastering the custom reddit alien stickers everywhere - on signs, poles, other advertisements - generated interest in reddit. It took some time but eventually, after handing out the stickers at conferences and events, the sticker campaign went viral. Other people began sticking reddit stickers to their laptops, skateboards, and uploading pictures of the stickers to the Internet. Compared to other forms of advertising, Customized Stickers can cost just pennies per impression. A very sound investment, indeed! Reddit's sticker marketing campaign worked and now the website is the 6th most visited in the world!(

Guerrilla marketing with stickers is a great way to create brand awareness and has maintained its popularity for a long time. Big Fortune 500 companies use stickers as a marketing strategy, as well as smaller, emerging brands. Custom vinyl stickers are cool and everyone loves them. If you give someone a few stickers, they are sure to pass them around, and that is good word of mouth advertising for you!

It is so easy to get your sticker campaign up and running. Just find a reputable sticker designer and manufacturer that offers Free Custom Artwork, with No die-cut charges and no Set-up fees. Discuss your budget with knowledgeable sticker experts and you will be sure to get exactly what you need.

Here are some interesting marketing campaigns that utilized stickers:



Banana stickers

Chiquita viral sticker campaign by DJ neff


Guerrilla Sticker Campaign

Batman Begins on TV2


Bubbles Sticker campaign

Bubbles Hair Salon 


Folgers Guerrilla Sticker Campaign

Folgers Coffee Manhole Sticker


Vending Machine Sticker Ad Vending Machine Sticker Ad


Wilkinson Eggs

Wilkinson Eggs

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