Ready to Rock

Keep an eye out for November 35th, who may just be the next big thing!

Ready to Rock
All famous rock and roll groups have a story about how they formed, and November 35th is no different.  The only minor difference might be that this rock quartet formed in MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Originally a trio, consisting of brothers Evan and Jacen and their friend Casey, they quickly became a foursome after Anna was asked to join following an impressive talent show vocal performance.

Besides instruments and talent, what does every up and coming band need?  Stickers of course - to adorn instrument cases, their fan's lockers, and even local telephone poles.  In the early days of any group, getting a band's name out there is the most important thing that can be done.  And what better way to do it than with some expertly designed custom stickers that feature your band's logo in a variety of shapes and sizes!  Rock on November 35th!

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